The amsterdam fashion week 2013 experience

The Amsterdam Fashion Week is the new definition of a trend that culminates the most prestigious event of designer runways, hair and make-ups, presentations, music and parties plus an array of sparkling and glittering attendance of those involved in the fashion world. Amsterdam Fashion Week is a showcase of new lines by upcoming designers whose goal is to be in the fashion map and show what is in for the coming seasons.

Founded in 2004, Amsterdam Fashion Week is now on its 19th edition and will be on the 6th till the 16th 0f July. It is being held two times a year, the Autumn/Winter and the Spring/ Summer shows. With its good reputation, the Amsterdam Fashion Week is now gaining popularity internationally and drawing crowds especially to most fashion aficionados.

Amsterdam Fashion Week and L’Oreal Professionnel

L’Oreal Professionnel, the head sponsor of the Amsterdam Fashion Week which provides the hairstyles for all the shows had ask me to be part of their team.This was a real honor and I am happy to join this professional team. There are more than 10 teams with about 10 members each commissioned to individual designers to do creative hairstyles that will enhance the total look of their collections. I was designated to Berni Ottjes team. Working with a respected hairstylist like Berni Ottjes is very inspiring and we at Jitty’s have great respect for him and having a chance to work with him for the Amsterdam Fashion Week on this production was great. Days before the Amsterdam Fashion Week, L’Oreal Professionnel host a series of workshops for the participating hairstylists for the coming event. I attended 3 workshops for all the shows and in these  workshops, we have created hairstyles that we will be doing for the Amsterdam Fashion Week. Although the designers do have a great say on how these hairstyles should look, we followed a very collaborated process in which all hairstylists had some input.

Show One: Spijkers and Spijkers

My first day, the opening show for the Amsterdam Fashion Week on  Friday July 12 was for Spijkers and Spijkers. Owned by 2 sister designers, the look is summery, wearable pyjama look in stripes, waist belts and in skinny silhouttes. We are ask to do some nonchalant hair looks with a 1960’s young Brigitte Bardot touch. The inspiration calls for a layered pony with  fringes on the side. The top crown was teased for volume and for more added dramatic effects. As a hairstylist, you have seen me working on many shows but I have to say that working with the L’Oreal Team was a fantastic experience for me. Not only production wise but the creative input was truly inspiring.
Show Two: Claes Iversen

Being part of this second day of the Amsterdam Fashion Week was for me again a reminder on how a good team works. Claes being with us during the workshop let us feel how he would like the feel of the look he wants to achieve for his Fall/Winter 2013/14 look. His inspiration is the Dutch summer rain and you can see it back on his designs with layers of fringes, umbrella shape skirts, yellow raincoats. It is a balance between ready to wear and haute couture and we created hairstyles that are sleek right on the sides moving the back of the ears to the napes. The rest of the hairs are brush away form the face leaving some wavy ripples at the back.The show was a tremendous success and I am so willing to do this work everyday!

Show Three: By Danie

Amsterdam Fashion Week closes this day and was a much celebrity studded event. Being a well-known stylist for the stars, this is Danie Bles’s debut as a designer. The clothings are wearable Barbie Doll like dresses, sequined ensembles and shiny jumpsuits and was styled to to the max with armbands, sunglasses and black gold chained stilletos. For this look, our team first polished the hairs and then with the use of heated tongs was curled and pinned to be removed just before catwalk time. Then with all hairs parted in the middle, the rest was combed-teased for a beachy look and appears really nice as it bounce during runway. The energy backstage was overwhelming and in as much as in the catwalk where a live band plays some modern music as the models glided their way.

I think that the Amsterdam Fashion Week is important not only to the designers, hairstylists, make-up artists, business people involved, fashion afficionados but as a whole to our society. Like language, fashion has its own evolution and for me, being part of this process is real revelation that todays fashion statement is moving. I think it is an on going situation where clothing apparels, hair and make-up and also music blends towards making beautiful things. It is so inspiring and that is what we needs in this trials times, inspirations!


Special thanks to Coos de Joode for using his pictures:

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