Do you really know what hair color fits you best? It is a standard procedure in our salon to give you a color test to ensure that the hair color we use is the appropriate color for you. The amount of pigments present in your skin determines which hair color we will apply. With the use of three shawls of three different combination, we test what hair color is best for your skin tone.  It will also show what color combination we can use to give depth or highlights that will enhance you haircut. You can also use this test in choosing the right color for your clothes and make-up. This is very personal advice as we meticulously consider that natural color of your eyes and skin. Therefore it is important to know if you have more yellow or pink pigments in your skin so we can choose the right color to apply on your hair and make-up. Colors that are less complementary work badly with your natural colors. On the other hand, if you are wearing the right colors. your skin looks fresh, relaxed, and makes the line and shadows less visible, giving it a more nice outlook.

It is important that you don’t wear make-up during the test. And for positive results the hair should be covered with a white towel or cloth. We start with cool and warm shawls to see the positive and negative effects it gives or if in doubt, we use the middle shawl for confirmation.

Cool Colors: The presence of pink pigments or hemaglobine are dominant in the skin. All natural tints of ash blondes, violets, pearls and cool browns can be used as main characters for color or added shades. 

 Warm Colors: Yellow or melamine pigments are more dominant in this type and golds and coppers are the the colors that compliment these skin tones.

 Middle Colors: The presence of pink and rose  pigments in the skin is more or less equal. It can be also in the percentages of 40/60, 60/40 or 50/50. From this we can determine what other shawl to use besides the middle shawl as second best if it is cool or warm.

The second part of the analysis is to consider if you are better with ton-sur ton or colors that are near to each other or with contrasting colors that are far from each other. Ton-sur-ton colors are colors that everybody can use but contrasting colors can be great to consider. The contrast  can be between hair color or skin tones. We look in your eyes and see if the whites becomes whiter or not and in this case contrasting colors are the choices to be made. Ton-sur Ton: We color hair using not more than two color levels on hair. 

Contrast: More than three different color levels can be applied and can form a substantial contrast between hair and skin tone. Deep and intense colors can be combined with lighter shades as highlights and lowlights. You can also combine warm with cool colors. The possibilities  of color combinations are endless. It is also very important that the eyebrow color matches hair color. With the use of mood boards, we can visually show the 3 types of colour groups in photos using different hair color combinations. This will serve as guideline for us and you to choose the right colors for your hair.