Making you feel better, that is our passion. That sparkle in your eyes when you see your new haircut for the first time, that’s when we know we have done right. We like to bring this sparkle, this happy feeling on a day-to-day basis. Our aim is to make every day a happy hairday!

On the other end our clients brings us happiness as well. We feel connected to our customers, we almost feel like a family. This personal approach is the Jitty’s way. Personal, sincere, but also exciting.  You can trust us to listen to you. It does not matter how good of a relation you develop with you hairdresser, every visit is unique. Understanding your wish is very important to us. Once we know what you like we love to give our professional opinion and recommendations. How often a clients says "just do the same as last time." How much fun could it be if your hairdressers says, "what we did last time, is fine. But what would you think if we make a small change this time to make it exciting and new? ".  


The best people to tell how we work at Jitty’s Hair and Make-up are our customers. We are profoundly proud of the ratings and story’s they have shared about us. We invite you to read these stories, it is in these stories you will feel the hart of Jitty’s Hair and Make-up 


Have a look at all the Happy Jitty’s customers

On an independant review site we have 109 reviews with an astonishing rating of 9.6!