How to hide freckles by make-up

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Thanks to our reader Melanie Anacan i adrees the question: What is the proper make-up with a little bit of freckles?

Freckles are natural physical characteristic of some people commonly to those with lighter skin or hair. They are harmless conditions of the skin and some even called this as little beauty marks.


When the melanin or the dark pigments in the skin are not distributed evenly and that certain areas appear a little darker, those are freckles. People with lighter skin, light or red hairs are more likely to have freckles. It can also pass genetically and ther’s a good chance you can have it if your parents or siblings have them too. Sunlight is also a big factor that influence freckles. If you’re prone to freckles, you are more likely to have them the more you expose yourself to sunlight. The ultra violet rays makes the epidermis, the outermost layer of your skin thickens a little bit more causing melanocytes, the pigment producing cell in your skin to produce more melanin that darkens the freckles more in your skin.


  1. There is no need to worry about freckles unlike some skin disorders but if you are really unhappy about it, there are some treatments to avoid it Topical Creams- It helps lighten skin color, looking it more even. But beware, the active ingredient in this cream is hydroquinone and with over 4 percent of it’s presence is cancerouse. Please read labels before using.
  2. Cryosurgery- An extreme method in which the doctor uses liquid nitrogen to freeze them off.
  3. Internal Pulsed Light- Using of light energy to target skin cells that have color in them.
  4. Also available are laser treatments, photo facials and chemical peels. It needs a good consultation from a certified dermatologist before doing it.


It might be difficult getting rid of the freckles you already have but it is not so hard preventing more from appearing. Protect yourself from the sun by avoiding being outside on peak hours and if needed to be out, wear protective clothings that will cover your arms and legs and wide brim hats. Use sunscreen with a sun protection factor or SPF of at least 15 or better with SPF 70. The higher the better if you are  terrified to stay longer under the sun without getting burned.


It is likely better to try to accept and embrace your freckles as part of who you are but if you are having an event coming up, there are tricks to hide it temporarily.

Make-up – The first and most obvious way to temporarily hide freckles are cover-ups, foundations, concealers. Always match foundation and concealer to your natural skin tones. Distribute foundation evenly with a sponge over you face and be sure to blend it around cheek bones and nose evenly since this areas are more visible. Dab concealer with a much thicker consistency on your freckles to create more coverage. You may have to repeat this step on areas where there’s a lot of freckles. Apply pressed powder with a large make-up brush in a gentle manner to set foundation and concealer. Do your make-up routine as usual like eye make-up and feel free to use blush or bronze.

Creams with mulberry and bearberry extracts can be use if you are allergic to make-up to lighten up skin.

Lemon Juice-Some people try this home made remedy so the freckles will lighten in the sun. There is no scientific evidence to back up this remedy and may work for some and not for others.

I hope you have enough in formation and know how about freckles specially on how to cover it up with make-up. But don’t worry to much about this beauty spots. You can be another Julia Moore, Tracy Lohan who just let their freckles shown, who knows?




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