How can we have hair free of split-ends?

Thanks to Criah Kyle for this very interesting question most women have encountered on the process of growing their hairs. She likes to grow her hair longer, but often she has a problem with split ends. Very annoying if you like to have healthy and luscious flowing hair. This is a topic which is on top of mind of many women who likes to grow long hair. How can we avoid this? I will give you my secrets for long hair.


Trichoptilosis is a longitudinal splitting of the hair and there are three kinds of it: the generic end split, splits occurring multiple times up at the same strand of hair and a split occurring in the middle of the hair shaft that will appear as a hole if the strands are bunch up.


  1. Use of hot styling tools without protecting thermal products.
  2. Inferior haircare products like shampoos that only cleanses but don’t have the nutritive values to treat the damage in the internal structure of the hair shafts.
  3. Excessive use of cheap styling products like hairsprays, gels or wax with alcohol contents.
  4. Use of inferior synthetic brushes, sharp comb or rollers that rips hairs.
  5. Swimming on salt water or pools treated with chlorine.
  6. Environmental change and other climate issues.


  1. Wash hair properly with a good moisturizing formula. Invest on a better product to give you the best results.
  2. Use conditioner on a towel dried hair for more absorption beginning from the length where the splits may exists and soak for about 3-5 minutes.
  3. Rinse with cold water to seal up the hair cuticles and ends.
  4. Always use wide tooth comb to detangle hairs and don’t be rough with a brush.
  5. Don’t use overheated air when blowdrying but instead cold air to refresh the hair.


We are most of the time judged by the way we look. What clothes we are wearing, make-ups, shoes or accessories. But the first one that people noticed is our crowning glory, the hair. It is so important to either make or brake a date or some job interviews. Our hair is one of our best social recommendation. Unlike clothes, we can not take it off if we don’t like to. It is our natural jewelry that needs to be taken good care for, to be polish every now and then. Besides, a good hair symbolizes good health and we must do all the best things to keep that in good shape and condition. It is always my advice to learn the proper way to treat it  as your good friend if you like it to stay with you for a long time. Keep working!


There are still a lot of people thinks that split ends can only be fix by cutting off the ends and that once the end is ripped apart, we can no longer repair it for the end is already torn. But there are new ways to prevent and cure split ends.. With the long and intensive studies on hair structures and development, Kerastase, which has the first innovative hair treatments products in the market come up with Serum Therapiste 3-4, a renovating serum for damage lengths and ends. Our hair are just like walls of bricks with the cement binding all the stones. Because of the causes I mentioned earlier, the intercellular cement we have in the hair loosen up making the hair shaft hollow and easy to break or split. The Serum Therapiste has 4 complex technology:

• FIBRA-KAPTM: compensate for the missing KAPs and reactive their synthesis.
• SP 94, supplies the follicle with the energy necessary to activate KAPs synthesis
• 6 amino-acids characterized by their capacity to attach themselves to damaged areas of the hair
• 1 wheat protein redivative helps restore uniformity and smoothness.
Sève de résurrection: known for its regenerating power

See the film to see how this works



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