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10 Years jitty’s: the movie

Amsterdam based Jitty’s Hair and Make-up celebrates its 10 year anniversary. For over 30 years Jitty has been working as a hairdresser. To celebrate this we’ve made a documentary about Jitty’s Hair and Make-up and the early days of Jitty’s Vasquez Dela Cruz Hairdressing career in the Philippines. The result is a touching movie which we  are gladly to present to you. Great news is that there is also an English version.  Although some interviews are in English, those which are Dutch spoken have English subtitles. We used You-Tube subtitles which we uploaded. This technique is great since whatever screen you are watching, the subtitles look great. You only need to turn them on in the you-tube player in the subtitle menu.



In this movie you’re let in on the touching story of Jitty Vasquez Dela Cruz’s life. It shows the unique vision and methods of Jitty &  Ronald and how they run there business.

Clients and staff tell their side of the story. The result is an engaging and positive movie. It clearly shows how much passion is put into Jitty’s. Key points on how the unique Jitty’s mood is accomplished are highlighted and clients and staff explain what true personal attention and customer service means, and how it’s done at Jitty’s Hair and Make-up.


The touching life story of Jitty Vasquez Dela Cruz

Every life has ups and downs, but it is easy to get touched by Jitty’s intense and heartfelt experiences. Born and raised in a poor family from the Philippines he’s managed to build his own successful salon. A stunning carrier took off, Jitty followed trainings in London and Paris, worked In the fashion industry, won a major Hairdressing competition and worked in fashion shows, monthly. He did the cover of a most sought after fashion magazine and was inducted as President of Hairdressing Association for International Relation. A time of great success. Unfortunately his Dutch partner got ill and was in need of medical attention. He closed his company and followed his partner to Holland. Despite the better medical in Holland his partner died. He found himself all alone in a strange country. But once again his amazing character showed, he build everything up from scratch again. In 2002 with his current partner they opened Jitty’s Hair and Make-up. Read the full story here:

This touching story forms the basis for this movie. We hear Jitty talk about what drives him. It’s inspiring to see what can be accomplished with dedication and perseverance..

In many areas it is a unique company, located in the Bilderdijkstraat in Amsterdam.


You wouldn’t expect for a small company like Jitty’s Hair and Make-up to produce they kind of work which they do. Although they’re relatively small, yet their passion is enormous. The amount of projects they do such as photo-shoots, hair shows, competitions and events like World Aids Day are mind-boggling. The amount of training and education at Jitty’s is up to the highest standards. In the last 10 years they’ve build a name, not only among colleagues and partners in the industry, but also among clientele and local residence. They’ve promoted the shopping area Bilderdijkstraat which was  appreciated by everyone in this area.

A company with a Story

Jitty’s Hair and Make-up is a company with a solid and inspiring story. This movie shows just that. We highly recommend you to watch this movie, not only because of Jitty Vasquez Dela Cruz his touching life story, but also to learn from the passionate business approach of  Ronald & Jitty. The anecdotes and experiences of regular clients, staffs and other people involved , make this movie a must see!

English version

Dutch version

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