World Class Creativity is just a Friendship Away

Fashion Show Michael Cinco Paris Haute Couture Week

I don’t have any idea that Michael Cinco, a friend base in Dubai will give a show in Paris until I‘ve learned from Albert Andrada, a long time friend of mine that he is going to Paris. I thought all the while that he will just visit and I said that if we can meet. Without seconds he said yes and the excitement begins. He said he will go to Paris for Michael Cinco’s Haute Couture Show. His show will be in the opening of the Paris Couture Week. It is by invitation only and Albert said that he will secure one for me. The original plan is that my partner Ronald will go with me  but he has changed schedules so it will only be me. I got more excited hearing about the show but that is only an extra for me since I really want to see Albert again after those long years. I knew that Michael has already made a name for himself but our chance to meet seems to be very slim when he visits Amsterdam and me in Dubai.


Friendship is What Binds Us


Although Albert and I haven’t seen each other for about 40 years since I went to Amsterdam and he worked in Dubai. We have contact once in  awhile through Facebook. I remember that  he called me up about the time when I was using FB for the past days. He seems to find me through a common friend Jimi working also in one of Dubai’s Royal Families. We have a lot of common friends who are also doing very well in Dubai. I am just so ecstatic with our conversation and talked over people we know and promise to see each other one day. He is still in Dubai working as the head designer from the other Royal Family. Jokingly, he said that I should go there and we will dressed up together with Jimi and I will do their make-ups.



Past Student Days

I am some few years older than Albert. I was already in college while he was in still in highschool. I am from a different university so as he but we used to go to the same campus where most of our common friends visits. There, we have our camaraderie and we talked about fashion, beauty contests and men.The most familiar topic from everybody who has been new and just entering the gay world.That time, we have no idea that we will someday land on the beauty and styling industry in the future. That time,we just like to have fun! We also joined beauty contest as well doing some impersonations on our free time. For me,that is one of the happiest part of our growing up. To be ourselves, and to be with  people we liked. Being with our gay family.



Albert Andrada  Gown Designer of the Reigning Miss Universe

I learned years ago that he and his partner Rene have decided to go back to Manila to start their own atelier there. I have been hearing news about his successes in Manila  and the fashion shows he gave for the elite group. I am just so happy to know about his accomplishments through his postings and news from friends. Being only connected in FB, and his occasional postings of bible verses, it gives me the thought that he is still grounded in spite of his successes . Then came the Miss Universe news! I knew he is dressing up beauty queens and celebrities in Manila and it is not a surprise at all that he will one day dress up the Miss Philippines for the Miss Universe contest. Last year was still  a trying moment for a Filipino designer to dress up representatives to international beauty competitions. The local franchise holder is a former beauty queen from Colombia married to an opulent Filipino businessman. Ironically, gowns of Filipina beauty queens for international competitions and even their national costumes are made by a certain Colombian designer. There are years of protest that a Filipino designer should dress up the Miss Philippines representative but to no avail. Because of strong media calls and the ridiculous national costume and gown by the last representative, the local franchise holder  gave up and allow  Filipino designers dress their queens. Albert was chosen to dress up Pia Alonso Wurtzbach for the Miss Universe Competition. He made a beautiful Terno, one of the Philippines national costumes. It was made in shells and beautiful embroideries. For the evening gown competition, he made a beautiful royal blue gown whose accent is at the back embedded with swarovski crystals. And she won! The third Filipina to win the Miss Universe crown. Who would imagine that Albert would be an instrument to quench the thirst of the Filipinos for the Miss Universe crown in 42 years? My close friend has indeed come a long way, what a success story indeed!


Michael Cinco,  First Filipino Designer in Paris Couture Week

Dubai based Michael Cinco, a member of the Asian Couture Federation was the first Filipino designer to give show in Paris Haute Couture Week. Established names in haute couture fashion are the only ones given a chance to showcase their collections. It was an invitation only event for those whose who in fashion. Michael showcased his 30 pieces collection of hand embroided gowns, laser- cut organza flowers and swarovski encrusted gowns. His collection has an acknowledgement to his Filipino roots. From the mat weavings, the mantillas, terno and barong inspirations, the  couture creations are all hand made and some are embellished with micro beads. A moving art form as his model glide on the runway. A poetry in motion! I have never been so proud that a Filipino will showcase something like that in a city where high fashion is in it’s highest form. I am gratefull to have witnessed this event and be part of this Philippine fashion history.

Melting Down of Creativity


All friends from all over the world who came to support Michael gathered all together after the show for celebration and some bites. With us is Jonas Antonio Gaffud, a well known Filipino  catwalk trainer for beauty candidates both local and international. Most of his last candidates for the Binibining Pilipinas,  dominates the winning girls for the titles at stake. One Filipina winner who will represent for the Miss International crown who is also visiting Paris drop by with her French model boyfriend. Jonas is now busy organizing the next Miss Universe to held in Manila. Albert, Jonas and I stay in the same hotel and they are discussing plans over it’s staging in Manila next year.. It was  fruitful meeting of minds and exchanges of creativities and I am sometimes I am amazed about how big their plans are. But I am surely confident that with this kind of people and with the same level of thinking, all is possible!


My Inspiration

Going back alone in Amsterdam, I felt so big in my heart. A certain fulfillment that I have seen a long lost friend Albert Andrada, and be a witness to a history in Philippine fashion, seeing the Michael Cinco’s Haute Couture Collection in Paris. I am so inspired by how these two creative minds have done things following their dreams. (As I have also done reaching mine establishing my salon in Amsterdam) Fifteen years back in Paris, Michael was on a bench at Jardin de Tuileries dreaming to be one day giving there his show. And it happen. Ahh, yes follow your dreams. Just follow it!


For the first time in years I won’t be throwing a birthday party in September. The special reason for this is The L’Oreal Business Forum, or short LBF, that will take place in Dubai for the first time. And Ronald and i will join it!

L’Oréal Business Forum

The ambition of the L’Oréal Business Forum is to inspire its participants to build the brightest business futures in the hairdressing world. The LBF has become a privileged networking opportunity among the best global growth performers. Their 3-day convention is a unique blend of Business and artistic seminars at Dubai’s World Trade Center. Or short, WTC.

Our Goal

And what’s in it for us? Today, Dubai has emerged as a cosmopolitan metropolis that has grown steadily to become a global city and a business and cultural hub of the Middle East and the Persian Gulf region. LBF is a good forum for interaction between us entrepreneurs in the hairdressing world. For us, Dubai is this year best choice for networking with others in our profession. Besides that, personally, this is also my chance to meet long time friends living and working in Dubai, as well as well known fashion designers, whom I knew in my growing years.

Making best of your network

‘’Why don’t you do something with them?” Ronald’s suggestion was immediately put into action and I began to contact Jimi Buenconsejo, a dear friend who is working as the exclusive fashion designer at Za’ abeel Rulers Palace. He told me that our good common friend Edcel Reyes, another well known designer, has moved to Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. Although we all are long time friends, the idea of collaboration in the field of fashion became urgent. At the LBF the Dubai- Amsterdam-Abu Dhabi Fashion Connection begins!


L’Oréal Business Forum Dutch Delegation

Leaving Amsterdam via Emirates and with eleven delegations for LBF, we will arrive in Dubai on Sunday the twenty first of September. We’ll be staying at the Fairmont Hotel, which is located a stone’s throw away from the WTC where all the activities take place. It will be a combination of business, master-classes, shows, and definitely a lot of fun!

The LBF will end Wednesday with a hair show by Laetitia Guenaou, one of my favourite hairdressers whose showmanship is above spectacular. Then, all the guests will be treated for a dinner on a still undisclosed location in the desert. As the group will go back to Amsterdam, Ronald and I will travel to Abu Dhabi for our photo shoot the following day.

Our creative collaboration fashion project

This photo shoot in Abu Dhabi is organized by Edcel. Its scheduled on Friday to enable everyone to fully participate since this is their free day.

The two other other designers, Aldwin Jlo Ornupia and Ruben Santos are well known Filipino designers who are making waves in this United Arab Emirates capital. They’ve showcased their creations at the Philippine Fashion Week and dressed local celebrities. Our photographer is a sought after photographer, Will Dy who has his own studio in the city centre. Ronald will take footage of the photo session.
We will stay in Abu Dhabi until Saturday and go back to Dubai for our next photo shoot the following day. Jimi has offered his house at the palace, not only for us to stay, but also for the location of the shoot. He has arranged the model, and the creations of Bandoix Flores Nieva for our photo shoot. Bandoix is the creative designer of W-haute Couture and was also featured at the Philippine Fashion Week. He’s currently busy opening a bridal atelier in New York. Ronald will do the photography.

A dream come true

We are so excited about this trip that will culminate within a few days. We will witness the best hairdressers in the world perform and at the same time be around our very dear friends, who are doing what is very dear to our hearts, fashion…!

Jitty Vasquez Dela Cruz

On beauty contest and santacruzan

This is a Blog i have writen for a Dutch Pinoy magazine Tribe1946

Believe it or not, in the Philippines, beauty contest is already a significant part of the Filipino culture. It has become a mainstay of Filipino existence, a symbol of national identity and a source of enjoyment and pride.

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Hair and Make-up photoshoot

The making of a photo shoot


The excitement of making a photo shoot has always given me an extra stamina. From the time that I am thinking of the looks that I would like to make, the hairstyle and make-up to the clothes that my model will going to wear plus the location of course that will insure the message that I would like to project. It is an ongoing process of thinking about several looks you can do in one model on the very same day. The change of make-ups and hairstyles on one model to achieve different looks will save you a lot of time and effort.


To be sure that you get the look that you want, it is always better to find a model that has an expression on her face, a good body frame, healthy hair and skin but most of all, she must be photogenic and can move. And then I found Kaye.The first time I met Kaye on a party, I immediately ask her if she like to model for me. She is staying in America  for vacation and will be leaving sooner after her holiday. I have noticed her good bone structure and long dark brown hair. Some good qualities for a hair pictorial. Gladly, without hesitation, she says yes.


To take advantage while she’s here, I set an appointment immediately after so that we can have our photo shoot. She came on time on our designated date  and after looking carefully on her hair and see it’s potentials, I proceed by washing it to prepare for the style that has been playing on my mind. I checked her bangs and cut it blunt while giving some layers just in the front areas. I know I will be giving her several looks so I work first on a difficult style and plans to tone it down later as the photo shoot progress.


Planning a style requires some techniques that you know beforehand will be going to be useful for the next look. I set half of her very long straight hair till the ends with a long curve wire in zigzag and secure it with a pin. This will enable her hair to achieve more volume and form for the look I want to create. I leave the pony and the shafts real straight for dramatic effect and distinction. I know that I needed that for the other look.


Modern inspiration who represent the new face of beauty for today’s look you see on fashion editorials are clean natural looks. It is young, fresh and youthful looking.For me, a clear complexion is always a must for every model that I like to work with. Luckily, Kaye has that qualities and I don’t have to camouflage with more foundations. I like to focus on her hairstyle so I give her a very natural look, fresh and an assuming. If you are doing make-up in a photo shoot and will try more of an evening look later, it is better to start with a natural look because it is easier to add make-up than doing less afterwards.


Choosing the right outfit is as important as the hair and make-up. It will do or fail the look you want to achieve.If you are doing a hair pictorial, the styling must on compete with the hairstyle but on the other hand, the two should compensate to each other. Luckily I have a good friend designer Jelica Cicic who provided the clothes for the shoot. She brings a number of day wear and modern jumpsuits plus an array of leggings from her new collections. The clothes that I have chosen for the first look is a very modern overall in jersey and lycra that fits perfectly to Kaye’s frail body.


Finding the right photographer is always not easy. I am just fortunate that my partner Ronald is always willing to do our photo shoot himself. My association with Ronald as a photographer landed me on different hair competitions and eventually at the L’Oreal Color Trophy where I won the Grazia Public Award. His keen eye on taking photos was evident on all of our works at Jitty’s Hair and Make-up. There is always a process in his work and his ability to connect with his models, plus of course his good use of lights or natural environments. In fashion or glamour industry, photos are done in multiple shots only to find the very best one. The coordination between model and photographer is also so crucial that one movement is needed to be catch for a good result.


After Ronald finds a suitable location and setting the proper lightings, the camera starts clicking and I am so surprised by the way Kaye moves and project herself on different angles. She is acting like a real pro and needs less instructions. The way she project herself was incredible. How I love the way she moves and sway her body for every clicks.We are just doing the first look and I am just so thrilled to do the next one. For the second look, I made her hair looks shorter like a bob. By gathering the entire lenghts of the hair and hiding it on the back while leaving the front straight, I have the look that I want. Additional make-up is applied  for a more sophisticated look. We are almost finished with the shoot but yet I insist on making a close up for a different hairstyle. Ronald set the lightings again for a more dramatic effect. It was almost very late when we are finish but frankly, I am very much satisfied with the results. Yet another fruitful day have passed but still I am inspired to do another one…..!

The photo’s can be seen here: 

Hair and Make-up in this shoot: Jitty Vasquez Dela Cruz

Model: Kay

Dress: Jelica Cecic Multipass

Photography: Ronald Pronk RonaldPronk-fotografie


The amsterdam fashion week 2013 experience

The Amsterdam Fashion Week is the new definition of a trend that culminates the most prestigious event of designer runways, hair and make-ups, presentations, music and parties plus an array of sparkling and glittering attendance of those involved in the fashion world. Amsterdam Fashion Week is a showcase of new lines by upcoming designers whose goal is to be in the fashion map and show what is in for the coming seasons.

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Beauty is just around the corner

This is a blog i have written for TRIBE1946, a dutch Filipino magazine


The concept of using organic beauty products is not really new to Filipinos. The Philippines is rich in natural resources and is sitting on a gold mine of well-recorded and traditionally well practiced knowledge of natural products that people especially in far flung provinces don’t need to go to the city for their beauty needs.

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Jitty Vasquez Dela Cruz

Documentary 10 years jitty’s hair and make-up

10 Years jitty’s: the movie

Amsterdam based Jitty’s Hair and Make-up celebrates its 10 year anniversary. For over 30 years Jitty has been working as a hairdresser. To celebrate this we’ve made a documentary about Jitty’s Hair and Make-up and the early days of Jitty’s Vasquez Dela Cruz Hairdressing career in the Philippines. The result is a touching movie which we  are gladly to present to you. Great news is that there is also an English version.  Although some interviews are in English, those which are Dutch spoken have English subtitles. We used You-Tube subtitles which we uploaded. This technique is great since whatever screen you are watching, the subtitles look great. You only need to turn them on in the you-tube player in the subtitle menu.


In this movie you’re let in on the touching story of Jitty Vasquez Dela Cruz’s life. It shows the unique vision and methods of Jitty &  Ronald and how they run there business.

Clients and staff tell their side of the story. The result is an engaging and positive movie. It clearly shows how much passion is put into Jitty’s. Key points on how the unique Jitty’s mood is accomplished are highlighted and clients and staff explain what true personal attention and customer service means, and how it’s done at Jitty’s Hair and Make-up.


The touching life story of Jitty Vasquez Dela Cruz

Every life has ups and downs, but it is easy to get touched by Jitty’s intense and heartfelt experiences. Born and raised in a poor family from the Philippines he’s managed to build his own successful salon. A stunning carrier took off, Jitty followed trainings in London and Paris, worked In the fashion industry, won a major Hairdressing competition and worked in fashion shows, monthly. He did the cover of a most sought after fashion magazine and was inducted as President of Hairdressing Association for International Relation. A time of great success. Unfortunately his Dutch partner got ill and was in need of medical attention. He closed his company and followed his partner to Holland. Despite the better medical in Holland his partner died. He found himself all alone in a strange country. But once again his amazing character showed, he build everything up from scratch again. In 2002 with his current partner they opened Jitty’s Hair and Make-up. Read the full story here:

This touching story forms the basis for this movie. We hear Jitty talk about what drives him. It’s inspiring to see what can be accomplished with dedication and perseverance..

In many areas it is a unique company, located in the Bilderdijkstraat in Amsterdam.

You wouldn’t expect for a small company like Jitty’s Hair and Make-up to produce they kind of work which they do. Although they’re relatively small, yet their passion is enormous. The amount of projects they do such as photo-shoots, hair shows, competitions and events like World Aids Day are mind-boggling. The amount of training and education at Jitty’s is up to the highest standards. In the last 10 years they’ve build a name, not only among colleagues and partners in the industry, but also among clientele and local residence. They’ve promoted the shopping area Bilderdijkstraat which was  appreciated by everyone in this area.

A company with a Story

Jitty’s Hair and Make-up is a company with a solid and inspiring story. This movie shows just that. We highly recommend you to watch this movie, not only because of Jitty Vasquez Dela Cruz his touching life story, but also to learn from the passionate business approach of  Ronald & Jitty. The anecdotes and experiences of regular clients, staffs and other people involved , make this movie a must see!

English version

Dutch version

10 Years Jitty’s this is my story

Jitty Vasquez Dela Cruz
Jitty Vasquez Dela Cruz

With more than 30 years in hairdressing business and beingsuccessful in two continents plus winning the L’Oreal Color Trophy Competition and this years 10th anniversary of our salon in Amsterdam, that’s a lot of reason to celebrate. It has been a long journey indeed and I am so proud that my heart is fi lled with joy concerning my career that I am happy to share with you. Read more