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This is a blog i have written for TRIBE1946, a dutch Filipino magazine


The concept of using organic beauty products is not really new to Filipinos. The Philippines is rich in natural resources and is sitting on a gold mine of well-recorded and traditionally well practiced knowledge of natural products that people especially in far flung provinces don’t need to go to the city for their beauty needs.

Basically, one who needs  beauty or medicinal products can survived in his own backyard. I remember our old house in Malabon trees like Ylang Ylang and Dama de Noche along side bushes of Sampaguitas that spreads heavenly smells in the evening. Local girls would ask my older brothers to gather them and then strewn and put on their necks or hairs for ornaments. Then there are the Sunflowers and Papayas in the neighborhood that I’ve heard women used for soft skin treatments. Our house is also sorrounded by different kind of plants and herbs used  by my father, a  local herbolario. We have Sabila, Oregano, Balsam and Taingang Daga. My mother, aunt and sister also picks up Aloe Vera leaves for their hair treatments. They peel off and remove outer skin and rub the gel or sap on their scalp to condition. Then they wash it off with Gugo shampoo extracted from a tree called Bark. And the ever famous Coconut tree, oftentimes called the tree of life because of it’s uses from the leaves down to its roots.I am always amazed by my older brothers agility to climb and pick fruits for them to grate the meat inside and make milk out of it called gata. They then apply it on their scalp with cotton balls and then comb through the hair. Virgin coconut oil are extracted from the residues and serves as serums. Sometimes I joke about their rituals, but then I realized the reasons why they all have healthy, shiny and thick hairs.

Although raw natural products are on top of my lists, there are cases where we can’t go without synthetics. Good thing is, hair and beauty companies are now combining  and using more and more natural ingredients on their product lines and as a responsible hairdresser and beauty artist I am accountable and has been advising my clients to use hair and beauty products that are appealing in terms of safety, performance and prestige.

There’s a lot more natural beauty ingredients at your reach and although most of the time you  need me, you can be your own beauty magician as well without leaving your doorsteps. Here are some of my useful beauty tips:

  • If you have greasy, rough facial skin, apply raw oatmeal mixed with olive oil and scrub your face in gentle circular strokes to exfoliate the skin then ash off with tap water.
  • If you are out or astringent to clean facial impurities, mix Calamansi juice or Dayab juice or Lemon juice with cold water and use cotton balls to wipe your face. You can also freeze the solution in ice cube tray, then run the cube over your face when you feel hot
  • Make a short anti-wrinkle mask by applying egg white to your face, leave for 10 minutes until dry, then rinse off. Your face will look smoother for hours after that.
  • For many people with eye bags, puffy eyes and dark circles under the eyes are bothersome cosmetic problem. They look terrible and make you look older than you really are. To get rid of it, soak herbal or green tea bags in warm water, cool a while and let them sit in your eyes for 10-15 minutes. Or  you can also try cool cucumbers and potato slices a few time a week.
  • To remove make-up, mix a teaspoon of powdered skim milk with warm water and apply with cotton balls. Wipe with tissue and blot dry.
  • If you have damaged, seriously coloured and sensitised hair, use virgin olive oil and massage on to your hair and wrap hot towel for 5-10 minutes for extra nourishment that will leave your hair looking shiny and new.
  • Worrying about your fine and limp hair? Cacao’s creamy light texture will boost your hair vitality leaving it with body and shine. Yummy!

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